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Continente Shopping Center In Valongo


PECS was responsible for the projects of all the specialties involved, as well as for their coordination and monitoring of the respective administrative licenses.


The Shopping Center is located next to the Municipal Library and has a construction area of 58,000 m2.


The building has 3 floors, with two semi-buried floors for parking and technical area and 1 floor on the ground level that functions as a commercial area. In some areas there is also an intermediate floor for offices and the technical area.


In terms of the structural solution, the building was divided into two bodies by introducing a joint in the middle of the building that runs through it completely. This option, of dividing the building into two bodies, is due to the large size of the building in plan and was taken to improve its behavior due to the effects of concrete shrinkage over time. Even so, the two bodies have dimensions of approximately 80x120 meters each. In this way, a good balance was achieved between the effects of concrete shrinkage and the problems associated with the introduction of joints in buildings, responsible for the unwanted appearance of infiltrations.

Each structural body has resistant cores and walls located in order to allow a good behavior to horizontal actions. For questions related to architectural aspects, in the area of ​​the structural joint there was no duplication of vertical elements, thus having slabs to support on slabs prepared for this purpose. The structural mesh chosen was naturally conditioned by the architecture and has in general the building 8x8 meters and in some areas the slab has spans of 16 meters. In these areas, pre-stressed beams were used to overcome these spans. The slabs are solid funjiform with protruding and rectangular capitals. These are directly supported on the pillars that generally have a section of 0.60x0.60m. This structural system is extremely simple and effective and also has the great advantage of freeing up spaces for all installations that are obviously very important in a building of this nature.


With the exception of technical areas, the entire roof is made of a flat metal structure with a small slope for the flow of water. The building's roof consists of metal beams of the IPE type and full-body profiles, with the cold-formed reinforced type C reinforced profiles. The pillars that support the roof are of the HEB type.


At floor level -2, a 0.15m thick slab of rigging was adopted, armed with metallic fibers and supported by a 0.20m thick gravel layer on well compacted ground. The stairs are made of solid reinforced concrete slabs with thicknesses between 0.20 and 0.25 m supported directly on the cores.


At the level of foundations, most of the building is achieved by shoes supported directly on the land, and in a still substantial area, there was a need to resort to the use of foundations by reinforced concrete piles with lengths between 8 and 14 meters in order to reach the schist terrain with NSPT values ​​greater than 60 strokes.

The materials used were C25 / 30 concrete for foundation elements and C30 / 37 for the remaining elements. Steel in reinforcement was A500NR and steel in profiles and plates was S275 JO.


Specialties involved:

  • Project Coordination;

  • Stability;

  • Hidraulic instalations;

  • Electrical and Telecommunications Installations;

  • Gas Networks;

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning;

  • Centralized Technical Management;

  • Acoustic and Thermal Behavior;

  • Integrated Security;

  • External Infrastructures.

Client: SONAE

Project: 2007

Work: 2007/2008

Project cost: 26 000 000 €

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