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Quem somos?

About us

PECS - Projectos de Engenharia Lda is an engineering consultancy company, founded in 2000 by its current partners, with the objective of preparing specialty projects and coordinating them.

Within the scope of the work carried out by PECS, which cover a very diverse field of constructions, from residential and office buildings to large commercial buildings and manufacturing units, both solutions in reinforced concrete structures and solutions in metallic structures and wooden structures. We always look for the materials and construction solutions that best adapt both to the architectural solution, as well as to the technical and economic requirements of the project.

As the main activity of the company is the elaboration of projects for hydraulic structures and installations, PECS has a set of associated companies that allow it to respond to all fields of activity in the field of engineering, having great experience in coordinating the various specialties. The coordination of multidisciplinary project teams, within the scope of the development of the various specialties, has been an added value of our work and the services we provide.

Seeking the continuous improvement of its work, PECS invests heavily in the profitability of the computer tools at its disposal, seeking in all projects to introduce improvements in the quality of its work.

Company mission

At PECS - Projetos De Engenharia, everything we do is guided by our goal of providing cutting-edge engineering services to all customers. This means acting with integritY, social and environmental responsibility. It also implies, in the production of high quality, long-lasting and sustainable results.

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