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Restaurant / Information Desk


PECS was responsible for the structural and foundation projects and some specialties of the building destined to a restaurant / information post, to be built in Lugar de Baixo in Madeira.

In addition to the development of the projects, he was also responsible for their coordination and for monitoring the respective administrative licenses.


The building consists of a single floor and is divided into two units depending on its occupation (restaurant / information point linked to the observation of the Lugar de Baixo lagoon).


Generally, the solutions used are based on reinforced concrete structures with solid slabs supported on beams or directly on pillars and walls. The structure has the particularity that the roof is made with wooden elements (glued laminates), as well as part of the pillars. The foundations of the buildings are straight through shoes.


Specialties involved:

  • Stability;

  • Hidraulic instalations.

Client: Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Ponta Oeste, SA

Project: 2002

Work: 2002

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