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Makro Administrative Building

May 2004

PECS was responsible for the structural and foundation projects and for some specialties of the building built for the headquarters of MAKRO - Cash and Carry Portugal.


In addition to the development of the projects, he was also responsible, together with the architectural designer CABEZA & SASTRE, for coordinating the projects of the different specialties and monitoring the respective administrative licenses.


At the request of the Client, PECS also followed the discussion of the proposals of the various Contractors and was responsible for the appreciation of its technical and economic component with regard to specialty projects.


The building consists of three service floors and a ground floor for parking and technical areas. Each floor, with an area of ​​approx. 1250 m2, developed in a U-shape around a central courtyard.

The building's structure consists of solid fungiform slabs (with inverted capitals) supported by a mesh of pillars and resistant walls. In order to improve the behavior of horizontal actions, there are peripheral reinforced concrete beams throughout the building's contour.

The building has two metal stairs at the tops of the building that are the result of the work developed between the architecture and the structure. They have a very light structural solution, being supported only on two metal pillars of type H.


Specialties involved:

  • Project Coordination;

  • Stability;

  • Electrical and Telecommunications Installations;

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning;

  • Hidraulic instalations;

  • Centralized technical management;

  • Acoustic Behavior;

  • Thermal behavior.

Client: MAKRO - Cash & Carry Portugal

Project: May / December 2004

Work: March / October 2005

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