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The buildings are intended for a wide variety of uses: technical areas, changing rooms, changing rooms, washrooms, offices,
gyms, administrative services, medical rooms, jacuzzi, archives, kitchen, cafeteria, warehouses, study rooms, training rooms
IT, leisure areas, auditorium, press rooms, restaurants, laundry and laundry, rooms, concierge and support attachments
to the fields.

The structural solutions proposed for each building are quite diverse due to architectural conditioning. Therefore, current reinforced concrete solutions were used, such as light or solid fungiform slabs and guarded slabs, which support on pillars and support walls or boundary beams. On the other hand, more complex structural solutions were used, using the prestress or the metallic structure. In this way, solid slab solutions are found
supported on prestressed beams or simply pre-stressed lightened slabs that support on boundary beams and
reinforced concrete walls.

The use of the metallic structure is clearly evident in the cover of the main field bench. The roof structure consists of a metallic covering supported on cross beams, composed of tubular profiles. These secondary beams are in turn supported by I-profiles of variable section, connected to the concrete structure through labeled supports and tie rods / struts.
In most buildings, cover flaps are occasionally made up of profiles like IPE (locking) and HEB
(main) supported by ties connected to the reinforced concrete structure.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica Training Center

January 2004

PECS was responsible for the structural and foundation projects and for all the specialties at the Sport Lisboa e Benfica training and training center.


In addition to the development of the projects, he was also responsible for their coordination and for monitoring the respective administrative licenses. This sports infrastructure includes seven buildings and five football fields.


Specialties involved:

  • Project Coordination;

  • Stability;

  • Electrical and Telecommunications Installations;

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning;

  • Hidraulic instalations;

  • Centralized technical management;

  • Acoustic Behavior;

  • Thermal behavior.

Client: Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Project: July 2002 / May 2004
Work: May 2003 / February 2005
Project Value: 10.000.000 €

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